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About The Production

“In Shakespeare's harrowing tragedy, a glimpse at Fate tempts the battle-forged Macbeth with the promise of ruling Scotland. Propelled by his beloved wife to seize his prophesied crown, the once heroic thane follows a gory path through betrayal, paranoia, and murder. But will this treachery guarantee his immortality, or will it send him hurtling headlong into a confrontation with the void?” 

                 Yale School of Drama

               Sound System Drafting


Artistic Staff:

Directed by Devin Brain

Adapted by Devin Brain and Ryan Davis

Scenic Design by Elizabeth Groth

Costume Design by Jennifer Salim

Lighting Design by Nina Lee

Sound Design and Composition by Scott Leigh Nielsen

Associate Sound Design by Junghoon Pi

Production Sound Engineering by Ken Goodwin

“...a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

-William Shakespeare


Music Recording Staff:

Engineered by Junghoon Pi and Scott Leigh Nielsen

Electric Bass and Guitar by Scott Leigh Nielsen

Drum Sampler made by Nielsen-Pi-Goodwin Instruments

Winds played by Christopher Matthews

Midi sampler programming by Scott Leigh Nielsen and Junghoon Pi

All Music Composed and Produced by Scott Leigh Nielsen

Yale School of Drama 2010


by William Shakespeare

  Copyright © 2010 Scott Leigh Nielsen - CHAOSCILLATION. All rights reserved.