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About The Production

“Ready? OK! Cheerleading is life in Vista del Sol, California, and Laura and Leslie are the underdogs on the squad! When Laura's mom is killed in a hit-and-run and her family life is turned upside down, cheer becomes even more important to her. Be Aggressive is a dark comedy that has it all: insane cheerleaders, standing-back-tucks, 64-ounce Diet Cokes, and a terrifying road trip. So check it out. OK! It is a show about cheerleaders, which means it, definitely will be amazing and there are just so many great people in it and its directed by Jen Wineman who like totally knows what she's doing. It's totally going to be worth it!”

During the design process for Be Aggressive, Jen Wineman expressed that she wanted the play to be set in the 1990s. She also wanted to explore musical ideas that would support the play’s elements of Dark Comedy as well as highlight and suggest the Popular Culture surrounding High School Cheerleaders of the time. To begin, drum beats were created that the actors could use to choreograph their routines to in rehearsal. Afterwards,  music was composed and arranged for these beats that lead to the development of a few theme-like pieces that could be used in different ways throughout the show to support the Dark Comic arc of the Cheerleaders. Beyond that, other music was developed for transitions and for other aspects of the story.

Please take a look at the videos to the left for an idea of how music was used in Be Aggressive.


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Artistic Staff:

Directed by Jen Wineman

Scenic Design by Scott Dougan

Costume Design by Katey O’Neill

Lighting Design by Jason Wells

Sound Design and Composition by Scott Leigh Nielsen

Asst Sound Design and Composition by Rachel Easton

Laugh-out-loud funny from the very beginning to the end.”

Yale Daily News

Music Recording Staff:

Arrangement by Scott Leigh Nielsen and Rachel Easton

Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards by Scott Leigh Nielsen

All Music Produced and Mixed by Scott Leigh Nielsen

Yale Cabaret 2008

Be Aggressive

by Annie Weisman

  Copyright © 2010 Scott Leigh Nielsen - CHAOSCILLATION. All rights reserved.