Horselover Fat began as a three piece band in San Diego, CA around 2001. The trio consisted of guitarist/vocalist Scott Leigh Nielsen, bassist/vocalist Ian Hurt, and drummer Tim Johnson. The band played around town with the likes of Battling Maxo, Party Time and a few others. Sadly, the trio disbanded, but Horselover Fat did not end there. Horselover Fat transformed into a new and different entity. Horselover Fat became the name associated with the new therapeutic and experimental sonic lamentations of Scott Leigh Nielsen. Horselover Fat is currently a studio project as well as both a solo and collaborative experimental music performance engine. Over the years, Horselover Fat has collaborated with the likes of Frank Melendez, Connor Kirkwood, and Jordan Hammond. This incarnation of Horselover Fat has also shared the stage with Sightings (NY), Barn Owl (SF), Riververb, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Old Time Relijun (PDX) and many others.

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You can also hear some music below.

Mexico (Live)

by Horselover Fat


Come For Table

by Horselover Fat and Frank Melendez


Superficial Skin

by Horselover Fat


Easy Target

by Horselover Fat



by Horselover Fat


Master Borger

by Horselover Fat



by Horselover Fat


Recorded Live at Dream Street

Ocean Beach, CA

original lineup

Scott Leigh Nielsen Guitar

Ian Hurt Bass and Vocals

Tim Johnson Drums

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