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The Carnival Barkers

A musical/vaudeville group that often performed skits and served as the house band at the Technomania Circus or provided the live soundtrack for performances by Murrugun The Mystic. The Carnival Barkers also performed on their own as a band and Agit Prop theatre troupe, and opened for the likes of The Blackheart Procession at the Casbah, The Sleeping People at the Che Cafe, and many others.


      “Before Dan”


      “Contacting The Gods”


      “Mourning Song”

The Carnival Barkers were,

Maximo Carny on Pump Organ and Keys

Art Carny on Drums and Lounge Acts

Mogley Carny on Guitar and Feral wails

Carny Asada on Saxophone, Theremin and other.


A collective of musical improvisers that continues to thrive in San Diego, CA.

In 2006 & 2007, hING primarily consisted of Josh Quon on Drums, MJ Stevens on Guitar, Michael Zimmermam on Keyboard, and Scott Leigh Nielsen on Tenor Saxophone and Theremin.  On occasion, hING would be realized with the accompaniment of Prepared Guitar by Duane Pitre, Guitar experimentation by Connor Kirkwood, and Alto Saxophone of Zuri Waters.  The Track below was recorded in the garage pictured below and features Josh Quon on Drums, MJ Stevens on Guitar, Scott Leigh Nielsen on Theremin and Tenor Saxophone, and Zuri Waters on Alto Saxophone.   

     “Song For Scraps” by hING


A Lo-Fi Power Trio in the mid 1990s that consisted of Scott Leigh Nielsen on Guitar and Vocals, Bill Dyke on Bass, and Rich Althaus on Drums. Vishnu was known to play dives around San Diego, CA. Their popularity grew and led to their being asked to open for New York’s UNSANE at the legendary Casbah. Upon achieving such a degree of success and notoriety, Vishnu disbanded. Other than this song and a myspace page, not much remains to prove the band ever existed. Enjoy. 


        “ALL LIGHT” by Vishnu


A San Diego, CA, band that began in the early 1990s, blazed furiously and brightly for a few hot minutes and then fell away from everything. During their time, NAPO played regularly at the Casbah in its early days and shared the stage there with the likes of Royal Trux, Drive Like Jehu, Trumans Water, Rocket From The Crypt and many others. NAPO primarily consisted of Kevin Branan on Bass and Vocals, Art Ulloa on Drums and Scott Leigh Nielsen on Guitar and Vocals. Other NAPO members sometimes included Lance Martineau on Guitar, or Eric Stene on Guitar.

        “Mere Spouts” by NAPO


        “Brujo” by NAPO

        “Tall Bob Smoke” by NAPO

Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen

DMDM is a new audio/visual ensemble based around Analog Synthesizers, Percussion, and Visual Projections. Members include Joshua Quon, Michael Zimmerman, Scott Nielsen, and Xavier Vasquez. We are not responsible for alterations to neurochemistry and spiritual or otherworldly encounters that may occur as a result of our performances.